BCW Group (PayBCWOnline)


BCW Group (PayBCWOnline)The BCW Group was formed back in the year 1983 and so they carry as much experience as any other agency competing in this sector today. BCW of course stands for Buchanan Clark and Wells that they also well known as. This company was acquired by the Gothia Financial Group who themselves were snapped up by Arvato AG recently in 2013. This debt collection agency has a pair of sites that includes the corporate website at www.bcwgroup.com and there is also PayBCWOnline that is a customer payment site located at www.paybcwonline.com. They are headed in Glasgow, but have a range of offices across the UK with 500 or so employees.

Gothia itself (their owner) has in the region of 1000 employees spread out across various Europe destinations. Whilst most of the previous referenced companies here tend to focus on financial markets, this company is known more to work with the big energy companies (British Gas, Scottish Power etc) and mobile phone companies such as O2 and Orange (now part of EE). They also chase up local Council Tax debts. It is clear that Buchanan Clark and Wells are taking up a considerable level of business today. They ranked in DL in the #7 spot that shows that they are one of the big players and they weren’t too far behind Fredrickson International who were covered here previously.

For those that wish to clear any arrears with them, then this can be done at PayBCWOnline that resides at www.paybcwonline.com. This is a basic payment site, although they do at least use encryption when any such payment is made. You may see the reference to Aktiv Kapital Plus on this site. This is another collection agency that tends to push on a lot of debts to BCW to recovery for them. It is perhaps no surprise to see this, since BCW is accredited in such areas as bailiff & process serving, court action, repossessions etc. With this in mind, they can of course be one of the more ruthless firms to have on your tail.

Contact number (Payments):
0844 571 4000.

Correspondence Address:
24 George Square, Glasgow G2 1EG.

DL Rank:
Rank #7 (behind #6 Fredrickson International and ahead of #8 Capquest).

Membership (CSA):